Friday, June 18, 2010

Do bleeding-hear liberals believe in disciplining their children?

For all the times liberals have resorted to name-calling and personal attacks against me for believing that America is basically good, I think it is time for a new party, given the success of the Tea Party Movement, and the recent formation of the Coffee Party Movement, formed to oppose the Tea Party.

I would like to form The Spanking With Words Movement.

The mission would be something simple like:

"To stop bleeding heart individuals from attempting to destroy the principles and values our founding fathers built the country upon, and to stand up to being called the worst names in the book for sticking to the truth."

I am not talking about a physical spanking, of course. I am speaking of a verbal spanking. For every time someone asks me to back up my beliefs, opinions, and thoughts on any subject, I will 'spank' them with words, with truth, and with determination.

The reason I chose to use that phrase, is because when liberals disagree with a conservatives, they take on the persona of a spoiled little brat who has never been corrected, disciplined, or reprimanded as a child, for anything they may have done.

My belief is that most of them had parents who followed Dr. Benjamin Spock's style of parenting. Spock, a pediatrician, encouraged parents to "see their children as individuals, and not to apply a one-size-fits all philosophy to them."

Dr. Spock did not believe in previous advice to parents that suggested babies needed to learn to sleep on a regular schedule. Previously, pediatricians explained that picking their babies up every time they cried would turn them into spoiled brats. Spock wrote that this childrearing advice would permanently damage the child, psychologically.

Pediatricians previously instructed parents to place their babies on a regular feeding schedule. Spock told parents to feed a baby whenever they cried if feeding them would stop them from crying.

Before Spock, parents held to the belief that if you comforted a crying child, by picking them up, hugging and kissing them, every time they cried, that the child would not grow up to be an independent, strong individual.

In the late 1960's, Norman Vincent Peale, preacher and author, said "the U.S. was paying the price of two generations that followed the Dr. Spock baby plan of instant gratification of needs."

Nowhere is that more true than in today's society, and even the President of the United States appears to have been raised on Dr. Benjamin Spock's ideals.

Peale said, "A positive mental attitude is a belief that things are going to turn out well, and that you can overcome any kind of trouble or difficulty."

Moreover, Peale said, "Never talk defeat. Use words like hope, belief, faith, victory."

Those of us raised by parents in the pre-Spock era understood that Peale did not advocate child abuse, as many will accuse us of today.

He was saying that parents should raise their children with rules and boundaries, while enforcing a positive attitude. The best example of this is in the mindset that playing a game is not only about winning, it is about how you play the game. It means to try your best at what you do, about playing fair, and about hoping for the best outcome. These principles apply to all aspects of our lives. Raising children as Peale suggested means to teach children to accept that they cannot win every time, and they cannot always get what they want or what they ask for. They need to learn to work hard for what they want.

This also applies to how parents teach their children to treat others. In order to make friends and to earn respect, children need to learn that stomping their feet and holding their breath, will not work.

This brings me to the beliefs of many liberals today. Their parents did not teach them any of these things. Their parents raised them on the advice of Dr. Benjamin Spock. They taught them that they are entitled to everything without ever lifting a finger to deserve these things.

Nowhere is this more prevalent than in the current administration's attempt to socialize every aspect of American's lives. Liberals believe that someone else is responsible for their health and well-being. They believe Obama and Congress are right to want to tell us what to eat, how to take care of our own bodies, how to pursue happiness by having others pay for it, and most disturbing, how to raise our own kids.

The "social justice" Obama keeps talking about is another way of saying that Americans should have everything done for them, paid for them, and on top of that, that we deserve it. He is saying that every time we cry, the government will be there to comfort us.

Our founding fathers did not see this as the vision for America. It is also not the vision for conservative minded people. It is why we fight against what Obama is trying to do. Our parents taught us to work hard in life, to be responsible for your own actions, and they taught us the one thing that is of the utmost importance.

They taught us to be independent and strong, and we learned that if we behaved like a spoiled brat, a spanking was in order.

That is why I feel the need for a Spanking With Words Movement.

Noteworthy: I receive Dr. Goodword's "Word of the Day" in my email every day. Today's word is "diaphanous". It means soft, thin, filmy, translucent, or transparent. It also means fragile, flimsy, easily broken or likely to dissipate.

This describes the politically correct society we live in today. Liberals are responsible for this political correctness, and their goal is diaphanous. They do not believe in protecting the rights of others, they believe they deserve everything without ever lifting a finger to deserve it. They do not fool me and they are not fooling many others anymore.

Now where the 'frack' did I put that switch? (thesaurus)


Anonymous said...

Apart from spouting hatred and lies, your nasty opinions are very poorly written. I suggest you proofread before posting.

chats said...

Hey anonymous, I'm guessing you were never disciplined? ROFLMAO!

A Working man said...

Wow. You failed to make any points about anything. And as the other person said it is very poorly written.

Then your response.... Wow.. Pathetic.

I agree that children should learn that they can't have everything they want just because they want it, but I also am FOR a society where WORK isn't the driving force of society.

People need to work LESS NOT MORE. Also, your ideas of that picking up a crying child will cause them to some how become spoiled is also ridiculous as this just causes a psychological development of an abandonment complex.

Babies are mentally fragile and physically needy, so feeding them when they need to be fed rather then on some "schedule" is another ridiculous idea. Because of the fact that biologically children need to be fed when they require food. Otherwise you can cause a lack of nutrients that are necessary for early stages of child development.

Also, complaining about some liberal agenda is all you can do without giving any REAL factual points to what the hell your even talking about.

Working hard doesn't entitle you to anymore benefits to anything other than what you make for yourself. But even then those benefits if made in surplus should be shared with your community which should also do the same.

Its psychopathic behaviors like yours that drag our society into depressions. So anti-social and anti-communal that you think that everyone should only be thinking about their own well being instead of the well being of the society and world as a whole.

Do you think grass requires the goats to work hard tending the soil before it will allow them to reap the benefits of its nutrients?

I really wish people like you would stop with your ignorance and feeding the corporate world. This is the reason for suffering and starvation even here in america. The people don't care about the people, they only care about increasing their own wealth.. there is a word for this, its called GREED.

Anonymous said...

A working man, nice name, but at least it isn't anonymous: I take it you spend most of your time in your mom's basement on the liberal blogosphere. Never disciplined either, I take it?