Thursday, March 13, 2008

What Should We Do With the Murderer of the NC and Duke U. Students?

How about blowing his frappin' head off? No trial, no jury, just rid the world of this garbage!!!

How long are we going to allow Bleeding-Heart Liberal Leftards destroy the fabric of this country? It's because of them that these two ladies were brutally murdered. All of this 'violating civil rights', 'violating human rights', blah, blah, blah...that have allowed mentally disturbed individuals to walk the streets, to live and work, and attend school, with the general public, all the while getting ready to blow at any moment. It's like lighting a match next to stick of dynamite: KABOOM!!!!

Unfortunately, innocent bystanders are the ones who suffer the consequences.

The VA Tech slaughterhouse could have been prevented if students and facutly were made aware of the extent of the deranged mind of the mass murderer. The liberals decided that mentally deranged people should be allowed to sit in a classroom right alongside our children. Same goes for the Columbine killings. Those two were obviously missing more than a few brain cells, and no one did anything about it, because, yes, you guessed it, "it would be a violation of their civil right".

If your daughter is in high school, wouldn't you like to know if there was a psycho in her physics class, that was capable of waltzing into the classroom one day with a sawed-off shotgun and start shooting the students?

If your son is in college, wouldn't you like to be informed of a disturbed individual who told the school counselor what he was capable of, and then methodically carried out the worse massacre in this country's history?

You know you would! But leave it to the liberals to keep that info from you.

It's amazing and infuriating that I live in a country where 40 years ago, black students were not permitted to sit beside white students in a classroom in some parts of the country, but now every psychopath and lunatic deserves the same education as your daughter. Scary stuff!!!

Same thing goes in the workplace. Wouldn't you like to know if the guy sitting in the cubicle next to you, was a sociopath and a homicidal maniac? As long as he stays on his medication, he has every right to work there, right? But what happens if he starts skipping doses?

I'm all for mainstreaming learning disabled students into the regular classroom, but a line has to be drawn somewhere, doesn't it, to protect our children.

Enough is enough, already!

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